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Classes are heated to between 75 and 85 degrees.


New Student Special $20 for 20 Days                                     

Drop in $14

Happy Hour Yoga $10 (Friday 11am)

5 Class Pass $60

10 Class Pass $110

20 Class Pass $200

One Month Unlimited $125

Three Month Unlimited $350

Annual Pass $1000

Childcare $5 for one child, $3 for an additional sibling

We now offer an Unlimited Auto Renew Monthly Membership Option!

Benefits of a Membership:
      -Unlimited Yoga
      -10% Discount on Yoga Dive workshops
      -10% Discount on in-house Retail purchases
      -6 Month Commitment

Does a membership make sense for you?  If you practice...
             2 times a week, it's $10.47 per class
             3 times a week, it's $6.98 per class
             4 times a week, it's $5.23 per class

The Details:
     -6 Month contract
     -Credit or debit card required
     -$100 cancellation fee if cancelled before the contract expires
     -14 day notice to cancel after contract
     -Automatically continues unless cancelled by customer

*We also offer a Couple's Unlimited Auto Renew Membership for $150/month* 
(please visit The Yoga Dive to make Couple's Unlimited purchase)

Class Descriptions

Flow: A dynamic, alignment-based vinyasa class. All Levels. 

Restorative: A gentle, props-based class that allows the body to relax in long, nurturing postures. All Levels. 

1/2 and 1/2: first half flow and second half restorative. All Levels.

Hybrid: A unique and creative practice that incorporates alignment based yoga with pilates, feldenkrais method, and more. All Levels. 

Donation Classes: Our weekend classes are donation based with a recommended donation of $10. Pay online, use a class pass, or drop some cash or a check in the basket.


Our Miner's Village does have a parking lot. If the lot is full, there are some spots on Sacramento street as well as a free public parking lot a block away (across from Lefty's). If you are able bodied and don't mind a short walk, parking in the public lot across the way is encouraged so that we can leave some spots for other businesses in the complex as well.  

Refund Policy

We are happy to refund you for any workshop cancellations with at least 48 hours notice. If you must cancel within 48 hours of the event, we can offer you a refund only if we can fill the spot.  

* A note on childcare*

Please sign your child up ahead of time online under 'class schedule.' Our capacity varies between 3 and 8 children, depending on our helpers for the room. If your child cannot be without you (in a neighboring room) for the length of the class, we ask that you hold off on bringing them with you until they are ready. Our goal is to provide mamas and papas with a peaceful, child-free yoga experience. All ages are welcome. Cost is $5 for one child, $3 for an additional sibling. 

Many days our childcare room is full with a waitlist. We ask that you sign your child up ahead, and be sure to cancel as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours before the class, if you are not going to make it. This allows us to let in another mama or papa. If you are signed up for childcare and do not come or late cancel, you will be charged the cost of childcare. If you are registering more than one child, you'll need to do so through the MindBody website, not the phone app. 

While parents get a little yoga sanity, children will play together in an adjoining room with a supervising adult. Depending on the mix of children, they may be led through an opening circle and song, a bit of yoga for kids, some free play toy, coloring time, and/or some stories, and we'll often close it out with an episode of "Little Bear.”