Emily & Laura - The Yoga Dive

A note from the founders

Our mission is to offer you a beautiful refuge that fosters community and friendship through yoga and special events. The Yoga Dive will have fun-filled workshops & retreats, amazing yoga classes, and childcare in the morning!  Our  classes are heated to 86 degrees so you'll be warm and you'll get a work out in addition to the myriad of other benefits gained through practice.

We believe strongly in "Shine Theory"- the theory that when women work together to support each other's dreams- the whole world shines brighter.  We hope you feel supported and inspired every single time you come to our space- you deserve it!

~ Emily & Laura

Emily Burton

Emily Burton, Founder/Teacher

I am an anusara-inspired yoga teacher.  After teaching in Los Angeles for many years, I followed my heart and relocated to Northern California.  I now live in Nevada City, CA. with my husband and our ever-amazing little boy, Alden. I love teaching; public classes, teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats. My style is candid, clear, and concise- with a focus on alignment. I create classes that weave together universal heart themes with my personal truths and your physical application. Opening The Yoga Dive is a long-time dream come true and I am eternally grateful for my friends and family for their support!

Laura Brownell, Founder/Manager


I started doing yoga 6 years ago, after my daughter was born. I found new motherhood very overwhelming, and needed something to use to carve out a sliver of space for myself. Yoga was it. It made me feel comfortable in my body and my mind; sometimes, after a good flow, it made me feel like I could do anything. It kind of made me understand why superheroes aren't very surprised when they find they can suddenly fly. Then I met Emily, and I told her she had to be my friend. She inspired me. She made me want to open up and let people in, to go for things that were scary, to embrace what made me uncomfortable... Again, the superhero effect. That's what I want with this studio. I want to make a space where people feel inspired and encouraged to do things they don't think they can; things they didn't even know they want to do. 

Veronica Webb, Teacher

I love teaching and practicing yoga! Since my first yoga class in 1992 I've been graced with continual opportunities to deepen my own practice and share the gifts of yoga. My first yoga teacher training was at the India School of Yoga in Varanasi in 2000.  Since then I have studied under some true master yogis and am completely in awe of how the practice continues to be my grounding force in this life. I have my Masters in Oriental Medicine and as life keeps revealing herself I find myself again and again at my mat. I have two children--a 15 year old son and a 6 month old daughter who loves coming to The Yoga Dive. I love giving students the opportunity to move into their center, whether that is a difficult arm balance or Savasana, and I adore giving alignment based adjustments. I teach Astanga and Anusara inspired classes. Lots of fluidity, laughter, alignment, and depth.

"Keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who's there."  -Rumi

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Abbey Theis, Teacher

 For me, the practice of yoga and meditation has been a viable pathway to remembering and celebrating one's own true nature. In my classes I weave yogic philosophy, asana, and exploration to bring vitality and restoration to the body and mind. (I found yoga as my spiritual path through dance movement 16 years ago.) Since then I have taught hatha yoga in New York and Mexico. I moved to Nevada City to deepen my studies in Ayurveda (a sister science to yoga) at the California College of Ayruveda, where I currently study and practice. I am an Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Therapist with a previous practice in Polarity Therapy.

Usha Avallone, Teacher

Curiosity and a touch of fate led me to my first yoga class in 1999.  The feeling of bliss and peace in my heart that I walked away with after that first class was profound and memorable.   I knew I would be in love with this practice for the rest of my life.  I felt a strong calling to share this yogic path of healing and wellness with others and began teaching in 2005 after I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Ashtanga of New Paltz in upstate New York.  Fueled by my fascination of the human body I continued my education the following year with a 1000-hour massage therapy certification, which significantly increased my knowledge and understanding of yoga and the body.  Since then I have continued to practice, study and teach a variety of yoga styles, such as Vinyasa Flow, Forrest, Anusara, Prenatal and Restorative.



Latima Good, Teacher


In 2009, while living in New York City,  I decided to enroll in a 200 hour Teacher Training through YogaWorks.  What I discovered was a true love of yoga. I decided to further my studies and enrolled in the 300 hour Teacher Training. I graduated in 2010 from YogaWorks with my 500 hour Teaching Certification. Since then I have taught in NY, VA and CA.  My classes are based upon the Ashtanga and Iyengar methods, with strong emphasis on deepening each student's experience of their practice through the cultivation of self-awareness, using precise technique and alignment instruction. My relationship with yoga continues to deepen and evolve. It has been instrumental in my path of self-discovery. 



Jaya Kundali, Teacher


Inspired deeply by Tibetan dream yoga, dance and kundalini, I create unique vinyasa flows focusing on spinal alignment, hip opening, and womb clearing, with a touch of mantra, mudra, and meditation. I believe that gently pushing toward the edges of one's physical limits parallels with a limitless mind; I encourage my students to find this 'edge' by consciously feeling the subtleties of the body as well as listening to the quiet yet powerful voice of the breath. I believe my imagination is my greatest gift and my favorite part of yoga is translating this imagination into creative movements. I strives to hold space for my students to express their own imagination through free-flowing movements while simultaneously providing in-depth, postural alignment cues to tap into the deep-healing benefits of even the most simple asana.




Lisa Deniz, Teacher


Yoga connects me to my truth. My mat is mirror of reflection that reveals today's flavor, feelings, and creative inspirations. Through the integration of breath and movement, this poetic practice deepens my connection to spirit and community, softening the chatter of the mind so I can hear the gentle winds of my spirit and authentic self. A fourth generation native of Nevada City, I've returned home, bringing my passion for Yoga and Art with me. I completed my 200 hour Teacher Empowerment Program at Spotted Dog Yoga of Folsom, a Baptiste Affiliate Studio. Come experience a grounded, full throttle, get big, and light it up empowerment practice. My classes weave intentional movement with sweat and play, supported by gentle assists, alignment focus, and self awareness. Founder of the YogArt Experience, I also provide retreat and workshop offerings that ignite the creative spirit. A guided journey that combines breath, meditation, inquiry, and yoga to unleash the power of creativity. 

Ashton Szabo, Teacher


I’m a yoga teacher, an educator, a story teller, full blown anatomy geek,  a podcaster and I want to help spread the transformative powers of yoga and self exploration.

I have been studying and practicing yoga for more than twenty years, having first been introduced to yoga when I was twelve years old by my Japanese Ju Jitsu Sensei, Steve Copping. I have taken teacher trainings with Peri Ness (Synergy Yoga), David Goulet (Chakra Yoga), and Leeann Carey (Leeann Carey Yoga), as well having studied with numerous other teachers and guides. I am a 200hr E-RYT through Yoga Alliance, and an LMT (having studied massage for the same two decades). http://yogawithashton.com/


Shari Headshot.jpg

Shari Williams, Teacher

It is the intrigue of the human body and passion for yoga that fuel my desire to teach. My yogic journey began over 30 years ago with spiritual study & meditation as well as asana. My presentation of instruction is firmly rooted through education of kinesiology and Yoga Therapy, & inspired by Yoga Tune Up®, Anusara, Sri Vidya Tantra, & Iyengar.

My offerings are biomechanical, alignment and strength oriented and often include surprise smatterings of myofascial release, neurological challenges, and corrective applications of Yoga Asana. All is suffused with the philosophy of yoga.My work in the world is to serve and help humanity achieve a richer experience of their time here on earth. To assist students to feel better in their body, with their past story, or situation whatever it is. I hold unconditional space for all beings, and all feelings are welcome

Mallory Headshot.jpg

Mallory MacInnis, Teacher

From my very first yoga experience 10 years ago, I knew there was something incredibly meaningful behind this practice. Diving deeper into the true meaning of yoga, I learned to listen to the ancient wisdom of my body and to trust in my ability to heal myself. The biggest lesson yoga has taught me is the importance of breath and remembrance of the connection to the divine via the breath. I believes the real yoga takes place off the mat. Yoga is always there, no matter where one may go. It is the undercurrent that guides all that I do in my life. 

I completed my 200hr RYT in Vinyasa Yoga at Aurafitness in Taos, New Mexico with teachers Aura Garver and Ashleigh Beyer in May 2016. I teach because it fills my heart, it informs my life, and most importantly it teaches me about connection and communication. I love how my practice and teaching grows and evolves together along with the flow of the seasons and life circumstances. My classes are vinyasa flow classes focused firstly on the breath, and from that foundation I encourages students to dive deep inside and take hold of their own inner strength that lies within each of us. My teaching is inspired by life, and all the waves we must ride. High or low, we get on our mats and tune into ourselves, because from that place is where the healing begins. 

Scott headshot.jpg

Scott Adam, Teacher

I began practicing yoga in 1994 with Bill Atkins in NYC at American Academy of Dramatic Arts. My journey began with Hatha yoga and evolved into a the practice of Vinyasa through time. Although my practice has taken on many different appearances over the years, one thing has remained consistent: my dedication to the path. Throughout my 16 year journey in the competitive snowboard world, as a coach and a competitor, yoga was a main piece of my work developing myself and the riders I trained. Teaching yoga was a natural transition for me. Once I shifted my focus from athlete development to a deep spiritual connection, Bahkti and Karma yoga became the most apparent path for my life’s direction.

After many years of injuries and healing, once again my practice has transformed to a slower healing style of yoga, which is where my current focus lies. I teach a wide variety of yoga, including vinyasa, hatha, healing, restorative, yoga nidra, meditation, and Acro. My classes are filled with powerful messages, self inquiry, prayer, relaxation, and live music. My heart-centered practice focuses on releasing tension in the body to bring peace to the mind and awaken the spirit.