200 hour yoga teacher training

The Yoga Dive 200 Hour  Teacher Training

The Yoga Dive's 200 hour Teacher Training is designed to deepen your understanding of yoga and it's practices, as well as help you identify your unique voice as a teacher.  You’ll receive comprehensive training in teaching alignment-based hatha and vinyasa yoga classes and cultivate the knowledge and confidence to teach a safe and engaging yoga class to a wide variety of students.  During the course of this program you will discover and refine your authentic voice as you step confidently into the practice of teaching yoga to others. Together we’ll learn how to articulate instructions clearly and succinctly, skillfully observe and adjust students, develop and weave relevant class themes, learn therapeutic alignment principles, inspire students, and teach from the heart. 

Supporting your teaching will be the deep study of; asana principles of alignment, anatomy, yoga history and philosophy, meditation, pranayama, and the business of yoga. 

This training is appropriate for experienced students who wish to pursue teaching, and current teachers wishing to expand and fine tune their skills and abilities. It is also appropriate for passionate students who simply wish to deepen their practice of yoga. 

Teacher trainings are an incredible platform to transform your yoga practice and your life! We are thrilled to offer you this amazing experience. You deserve it.

               -Emily, Ashton, and Abbey


Training Starts in September!
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Training Dates:
Sept. 20-22
Oct. 18-20
Nov. 15-17
Dec. 13-15
Jan. 10-12
Feb. 7-9
March 6-8
March 27-29
April 24-26

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
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About the Training

The Program

Techniques, Training, and Practice

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Trainees will study the different traditional yoga techniques, including asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra, and meditation. We will focus on how to practice these techniques, how to teach these techniques, and WHY these techniques are worth practicing and teaching. Expect to practice and break down the main categories of asanas and the importance of alignment in each pose. The types of energy of the body and their impact, along with the role of breath. Prepare to dive deep to examine these practices at their foundation and feel the effects they can have in your life. 

Teaching Methodology

The Training will cover the practical aspects of teaching as well. We'll examine group dynamics, clear communication, teaching styles, how to effectively demonstrate and assist, the business side of yoga, and what it means to be a teacher. We'll examine why we teach and the role we hold as teacher, what we hope to offer with our teaching, and the most practical and effective way to offer it out.

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Anatomy & Physiology

Trainees will also study human anatomy and physiology, and how anatomy relates to yoga. A deeper look into the body allows us to look deeper into the poses we ask our students to practice. We will also discuss anatomy and physiology on an energetic level by examining the chakras and the subtle body  and how we can help students access their energetic anatomy more effectively.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics

Here we will delve into the origins and history of yoga, how it developed and why. We will look at the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita and what role these play in our teaching and our practice.  We will discuss the importance of yoga in our society and what responsibilities we have as yoga teachers.   


In this program, you will practice being a yoga teacher. You will create and teach classes with your peers, you will help guide your peers in their teaching as they guide you in yours, you will practice assisting and giving cues, and you will practice creating themes and weaving them through your classes. We want you to leave this training with all of the skills and confidence you need to enter a studio as an effective yoga teacher. 

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The Trainers


 Ashton Szabo

I’m a yoga teacher, an educator, a story teller, full blown anatomy geek,  a podcaster and I want to help spread the transformative powers of yoga and self exploration.

I have been studying and practicing yoga for more than twenty years, having first been introduced to yoga when I was twelve years old by my Japanese Ju Jitsu Sensei, Steve Copping. I have taken teacher trainings with Peri Ness (Synergy Yoga), David Goulet (Chakra Yoga), and Leeann Carey (Leeann Carey Yoga), as well having studied with numerous other teachers and guides. I am a 200hr E-RYT through Yoga Alliance, and an LMT (having studied massage for the same two decades). anatomyofliving.com


 Emily Burton


I am an E-YRT 200 anusara-inspired yoga teacher.  After teaching in Los Angeles for many years, I followed my heart and relocated to Northern California.  I now live in Nevada City, CA with my husband and our ever-amazing little boys, Alden & Lake.  In 2015, I opened The Yoga Dive- a long time dream- with my good friend Laura Brownell. Owning a yoga studio and creating a community of yogis has been an amazing experience. I've learned so much and am so inspired to create programs, workshops, and experiences that bring people together. 

My teaching style is candid, clear, and concise- with a focus on alignment. I create classes that weave together universal heart themes with my personal truths and your physical application. 

I absolutely love helping students become teachers and find their own unique voice and style. It is such an amazing process to witness. This is the 6th teacher training that I have co-taught and I'm thrilled to be using my experiences from the past to create a powerful and cohesive yoga teacher training here in Nevada City!


Abbey Leigh

For me, the practice of yoga has been a viable pathway to remembering and celebrating one's own true nature. From the beginning, being on the mat has been my physical, emotional, and spiritual therapy to get deeper into my daily life. In my classes I weave Sri Vidya Tantric inspired philosophy, asana alignment, and self-exploration to bring vitality and restoration to the body and soul. Since 2004, I have held weekly classes, teacher trainings, workshops and retreats all over the world. Within this time frame, my studies include a 200hr  YTT, a 200hr immersion YTT, and a 500hr YTT, with the addition of many continuing education credits. As a teacher I have been faculty for three 200hr and three 500hr YTTs.  Along my studies and destinations I found my second love, Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. I moved to Nevada City in 2015 to deepen my studies at the California College of Ayurveda, where I currently hold my practice. I am a Yoga Practitioner, Ayurvedic Doctor, and forever a teacher at heart.